My dress made by a designer

The big question is: ” Why call on a creator rather than go to a shop? “ I will try to make you want to see a designer for the creation of your wedding dress On D-Day, every bride has only one desire: to be the only one, the only one and the most beautiful, and for a dream wedding what better … Continue reading “My dress made by a designer”

Distinction / Contest: World Cup of Photography

This photo I find it just magical and beautiful in every way, I sincerely hope that it will hold the attention of juries in any case it has retained mine, I wanted to share this with you because it is a friend who really deserves to win. Distinction / Contest: World Cup of Photography Thibault … Continue reading “Distinction / Contest: World Cup of Photography”

Designer Stylist

Designer and Fashion Designer specializing in making wedding dresses and tailored evening dresses , I invite you to enter my world … I welcome you in all privacy in my studio , away from prying eyes. A chic and warm place where you can imagine your wedding dress with confidence. In my workshop and showroom , I make the dresses from A to Z, drawing until the final fitting. Essentially made from natural materials ( Calais lace , chiffon , tulle , silk … Continue reading “Designer Stylist”

Design your Wedding Dress

Another facet of my job is the transformation of your wedding dress. It usually ends in a closet or at the bottom of a trunk after D-Day and it’s a shame. That’s why I created “Design your Wedding Dress” Thanks to this, clients can recreate their wedding dress and reuse it on other occasions. I can bring you all my experience! … Continue reading “Design your Wedding Dress”

Wedding Lingerie Collection

Why make wedding lingerie ? the idea came to me following the request of one of my brides who did not know what to take compared to her wedding dress or go to find some, sometimes not too much time either. It is at this moment that I proposed to realize it and it by proposing a personalized service to him as to use the same lace … Continue reading “Wedding Lingerie Collection”

Défilé of November 25, 2017

Here is the teaser of the parade of wedding dresses and cocktail dresses from November 25 at Galas Arts et Métiers Aix , thank you again to Elena Debono for the realization of the latter and to revive this wonderful moment.  

Calendar Fairy tale 2018

Here is the result of a very nice collaboration throughout the year 2017 because we have immortalize the fairytale inspiration Shoot with a great calendar. Each page represents a month and a character, the goal being to highlight the work of each: Ludivine Sacco Photographer at the photo, Coralie Make up for makeup but also hairdressing, her job is … Continue reading “Calendar Fairy tale 2018”

Details beautiful stuffs

“The details are perfection, and perfection is not a detail” Leonardo DeVinci “The difference is sometimes measured in the smallest details” John Pawson These are my 2 favorite quotes and as such I have prepared a small panel of ” Details ” on some fabrics chosen for my wedding dress and evening creations . I never buy a fabric without touching it with … Continue reading “Details beautiful stuffs”

My first mariee

My adventure began four years ago with my first bride : my friend Laëtitia. I was in search of conversion and I wondered what I liked and knew how to do: sewing of course, it was obvious … I have been doing it since my childhood. When I spoke to my friend, she challenged me to give her her wedding dress and … Continue reading “My first mariee”

Defile collection 2018

This parade was for me the accomplishment of a year and a half of work. Show my new collection Spring-Summer wedding dress but not only because I also create evening dresses , gala , cocktail … all ceremonies . I particularly like working on different subjects and seeing them in motion then through events like this, know that this is not my last and there will be many … Continue reading “Defile collection 2018”

Discover my interview on France 3

A small report on my activity, broadcast on France 3 regional edition on September 5, 2017.    

My first défilé … see you on September 22!

On September 22, I invite you to discover my new collection in a magical place: the Demeure de Cancerilles in Signes. I’ll meet you at 6 pm to discover unique wedding dresses and cocktail dresses. Program: high fashion, new creations and cocktails after the parade. Event reserved for over 16s. Entry 30 € Pack 2 … Continue reading “My first défilé … see you on September 22!”