Wedding dresses Creative Designer

Stylist Designer Modellist specializing in making tailored wedding dresses, half-measures.

Alexandra Barbey has established herself in the wedding world thanks to her creativity and the chic of her creations.

Modern and feminine creations, tailored and semi-tailored wedding dresses that combine timelessness and glamor. Clean lines, fluid and elegant, of great elegance and refinement. Perfectionist Alexandra attaches particular importance to beautiful handmade finishes.

Games of transparencies and illusions, plunging necklines under elegant lace, vertiginous back and delicate details … Alexandra is particularly interested in playing with forms, strong> fabrics or colors for those who want to get married in a colored wedding dress.

A Haussmann style showroom in the heart of Toulon

The house Alexandra Barbey Couture invites you to enter its universe and welcomes you in all intimacy in its showroom, sheltered from prying eyes. A chic and warm place where you can imagine your dress married with confidence.

In her atelier and showroom, Alexandra showcases the beautiful materials and the French know-how. Lace, macrame, embroidered tulle, gazar, crepe, satin and chiffon are the emblematic fabrics of the House. Materials selected for their unique fall and this from French, Italian or more recently Portuguese suppliers.


A branded Made in France house that favors noble materials, exceptional lace and small details very couture. All the dresses are designed, designed and made in her workshop in the center of Toulon.

High fashion finishes, premium materials, a touch of audacity and a hint of imagination … Let’s design together a unique wedding dress, just like you.



My dress made by a designer

The big question is: ” Why call on a creator rather than go to a shop? “ I will try to make you want to see a designer for the creation of your wedding dress On D-Day, every bride has only one desire: to be the only one, the only one and the most beautiful, and for a dream wedding what better … Continue reading “My dress made by a designer”

Distinction / Contest: World Cup of Photography

This photo I find it just magical and beautiful in every way, I sincerely hope that it will hold the attention of juries in any case it has retained mine, I wanted to share this with you because it is a friend who really deserves to win. Distinction / Contest: World Cup of Photography Thibault … Continue reading “Distinction / Contest: World Cup of Photography”

Designer Stylist

Designer and Fashion Designer specializing in making wedding dresses and tailored evening dresses , I invite you to enter my world … I welcome you in all privacy in my studio , away from prying eyes. A chic and warm place where you can imagine your wedding dress with confidence. In my workshop and showroom , I make the dresses from A to Z, drawing until the final fitting. Essentially made from natural materials ( Calais lace , chiffon , tulle , silk … Continue reading “Designer Stylist”

Design your Wedding Dress

Another facet of my job is the transformation of your wedding dress. It usually ends in a closet or at the bottom of a trunk after D-Day and it’s a shame. That’s why I created “Design your Wedding Dress” Thanks to this, clients can recreate their wedding dress and reuse it on other occasions. I can bring you all my experience! … Continue reading “Design your Wedding Dress”

Wedding Lingerie Collection

Why make wedding lingerie ? the idea came to me following the request of one of my brides who did not know what to take compared to her wedding dress or go to find some, sometimes not too much time either. It is at this moment that I proposed to realize it and it by proposing a personalized service to him as to use the same lace … Continue reading “Wedding Lingerie Collection”

Défilé of November 25, 2017

Here is the teaser of the parade of wedding dresses and cocktail dresses from November 25 at Galas Arts et Métiers Aix , thank you again to Elena Debono for the realization of the latter and to revive this wonderful moment.