My dress made by a designer

The big question is: ” Why call on a creator rather than go to a shop? 

I will try to make you want to see a designer for the creation of your wedding dress

On D-Day, every bride has only one desire: to be the only one, the only one and the most beautiful, and for a dream wedding what better than a wedding dress signed by a designer?

designer can offer you a wedding dress from his collection that he adapts according to your tastes, that is to say, shorten a long dress, change the shape of the collar, the bust, shorten the sleeves … everything is possible. This dress becomes unique .

And if your budget is really comfortable, you can offer a dream, a dress totally created to measure : developing the pattern, design, choice of fabrics … this dress will be unique in the world it will be yours. The designer will take into account your tastes, your desires, the atmosphere of D-Day, but know that the cost will be higher, for a totally personalized service. Ultimate luxury!

Every creator with his signature, his personality, his sensibility, his universe, his style. some specialize in classics, atypical ones when others prefer romantic, bohemian, retro, vintage wedding dresses , it’s up to you to find yours according to your desires and wishes.

Allow four to six months of work, depending on the creator’s order book. But it is advisable to start your search a year before.

On the budget side, count between 2500 € and 10 000 € to make you realize the dress of your dreams.

Then take the step and look for the creator who suits you, do some research, check their site, ask questions if necessary, they will be happy to answer you.